“When Doctors Don’t Have to Worry About Money, They Become Better Doctors.” - DR. J


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Learn Functional Medicine

There is Functional Medicine. Then there is our treatments, protocols, and education. You will learn the unique, and tested actions for proven success methods..

Build Your Practice

Learn the methods and steps to build your practice, using a system created from our over 100 years of experience treating people all over the world.

Connect with Peer Groups

We will help you connect throughout the country and your communities with those who know what it takes to help you grow.



We are continuously updating curriculum with the latest techniques and science shown to produce the most favorable results. Coaching programs designed to maximize results by taking a one-on-one approach with participants. In clinic events to demonstrate how to administer the newest and most effective treatment plans for favorable patient outcomes. Diverse delivery of our curriculum ensures results for enrollees. No matter the learning style, we are dedicated to a results-based method with anyone who dedicates themselves.